The Webinar

Are you interested in the US market? Do you need advice for doing business in the US? Please see the recording and the presentations of the webinar below. During the webinar, two US companies, Hodgson Huss and 151 Advisors, provided insight into the US Cleantech market how to implement the best export strategy for European companies.



151 Advisors
It is a strategic consulting firm with a global reputation for helping international technology companies build and execute market expansion plans that fit into the long-term strategic direction of the companies.

Hodgson Russ, LLP.
It is a multiservice law firm specializing in assisting European companies, especially Cleantech companies, which are setting up in the United States.

Daniel Spitzer, specialized in environmental law, renewable energy, sustainable development, land use law, municipal law and real estate development issues. His expertise includes many renewable energy projects, representing municipalities, developers, landowners and financing entities.

Mark T. Sweeney, specialized in real estate development, environmental law and energy law. He has helped clients obtain numerous approvals for complex and controversial projects such as wind farms, transportation projects, solar projects, and more in New York State. 

Update (2018-07-31)

This webinar was in the preamble to the matchmaking event, first US mission took place as planned in New York City from 7 – 10 May 2018. You can consult the event on our website here.

Any interest in this kind of event? There is one more chance to be part of it: our last US mission will be held on Spring 2019.

Contact us for more information.


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