In early May 2018, EC2i members accompanied their members to the USA: a first mission of matchmaking which is already bearing its first fruits.

Matchmaking Missions

The EC2i partnership will conduct 4 matchmaking missions over the 2 years of the project, two in the United States, two in China. For its first Matchmaking mission the EC2i consortium choose New York as destination because it represents an attractive market for cleantech SMEs. The outgoing missions aim at developing partnerships with stakeholders in the New York City and New York State markets and pursue opportunities for collaborative business development for European SMEs. The EC2i partnership is also developing tools to help SMEs integrate into complex, international value chains.

Strategic Partners

Prior to the outgoing mission to New York City, the EC2i partners worked towards securing strong partnerships with American stakeholders. To this end, two Memorandum of Understanding were signed, one with the Urban Future Lab and another one with Hodgson Russ.

The areas of collaboration between the two organizations were the following:

  • Gather market intelligence
  • Perform a presentation in the “US Market Intelligence Webinar” that was held on the 15 March 2018
  • Mobilize potential buyers and other stakeholders to participate in matchmaking events

B2B Meetings

The B2B meetings on Monday 7 May 2018 were hosted by our partner Urban Future Lab. American partners had the opportunity to give a presentation on their organisation and their challenges. During the Q&A session European companies could ask their questions before more in depth discussions throughout B2B sessions.

B2B meetings at Urban Futur Lab

In total, 18 European Companies participated in the B2B meetings organised on Monday 7 May 2018. The participants were from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Sweden and Norway. 6 members of the EC2i clusters joined the New York mission and 14 American participants took part in the Monday´s activities.

Smart Cities Conference

From Tuesday 8 May to Thursday 10 May 2018, European SMEs attended the Smart Cities Conference in New York City. They had the opportunity to join workshops, attend keynote presentations, panel discussions and schedule meetings with other participants thanks to a B2B meetings app.

Smart Cities Conference

NYC Mission First Fruits

Save Innovations, based in Grenoble, was the first French SME to benefit from the US mission. According to Olivier Salasca, Director Marketing & Commercial who participated in the trip to the United States, the company chose to do this because « Save Innovations wants to develop its network internationally by itself in order to remain master of its development ».

Through the EC2i project, the company met with various energy stakeholders, attended a waterworks workshop in NYC, and participated in a teleconference organized by a New York lawyer with a consulting firm and two community water managers from the state of New York. The company is now in talks regarding the possibility of placing a pilot of their core product in the United States. In addition, Save Innovations participated in the Smart Cities Conference with B2B meetings, notably with Engie US.

NYC Smart Cities Conference – Olivier Salasca on the right

The possibility of placing a Pilot in the state of NY is now under study. It is therefore a very concrete return of this mission – Olivier Salasca, Save Innovations

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