Following three successful EC2i missions in China and the United States since 2018, we are delighted to announce the 4th mission of the EC2i project from 16th to 20th of September 2019 in New York and Boston.

Matchmaking Missions: what is the aim?

The EC2i partnership will conduct 4 matchmaking missions over the 2 years of the project, two in the United States, two in China. For its second and last US Matchmaking mission the EC2i consortium chose New York and Boston as destinations because they represent an attractive market for cleantech SMEs.

The mission will take place in partnership with Smart City tech (SCT), the aim remains the same: identify opportunities for European SMEs within the Cleantech and SmartCity sectors in order to help them penetrate the US market.


Strategic Partners: who do we work with?

Prior to the outgoing mission to New York & Boston, the EC2i partners worked towards securing strong partnerships with American stakeholders. Collaborating with our US partners Bridge  Innovation Partner (BIP), World Climate Limited (WCL) NECEC and Hodgson Russ, we offer to European SMEs the chance to meet potential US partners through matchmaking sessions in New York City and during the Horizon 19 Conference in Boston.

The areas of collaboration between our organizations are the following:

  • Gather market intelligence
  • Mobilize potential buyers and other stakeholders to participate in matchmaking events (tailor-made B2B meetings) 
  • Introduce new and disruptive technologies from European Companies in the Cleantech and SmartCity sectors
  • Give our European companies the possibility to come and work in North America
  • Build strong and long-term partnerships between European and American stakeholders



B2B Meetings: what can you expect?

The matchmaking event is organised in conjunction with the City Challenges Day in New York and Horizon19 in Boston.

The objective is to match European SMEs with US partners to export European cleantech technology to the US market. Special focus will be on:

  • Energy – Engage with buyers, investors, and providers of clean energy solutions, including corporations, institutions and governments. Partner with leading clean energy innovators and explore the potential of large renewable projects and distributed energy resources.
  • Industry – Increase growth and ROI by tapping into Horizon19’s collaborative network of clean economy solutions providers.
  • Cities – Join a network of smart city investors and planners, and discover the economic potential of smart and sustainable infrastructure.
  • Mobility – Explore transportation grids through transformational solutions such as public transport optimization, low-carbon port infrastructure, hybrid solutions, and other alternatives to conventional fuels.
  • Water – Unlock the market potential of innovative infrastructure and discover best practice in sustainable water management.
  • Waste – Explore how sustainability is redefining waste management practices through cutting-edge recycling systems, waste-to-fuel initiatives, and more.

The EC2i matchmaking mission is a great opportunity for European cleantech SMEs to take part in tailor-made B2B meetings with American companies and networking events.


NYC Mission First Fruits

In early May 2018, EC2i members accompanied their members to the USA: a first mission of matchmaking which already bore its first fruits. See more on the linked news.

Please find the detailed program : US Mission 2019 Program