UPDATE September, 2018: NEW PROGRAM

In November 2018, be part of EC2i Chinese mission: a second mission of tailor-made matchmaking.

Matchmaking Missions: what is the aim?

The EC2i partnership will conduct 4 matchmaking missions over the 2 years of the project, two in the United States, two in China. These missions aim at developing partnerships with stakeholders in targeted markets and pursue opportunities for collaborative business development for European SMEs. The EC2i consortium accompanied its members to New York City for its first mission.

For its second matchmaking mission the EC2i consortium chose Nanjing, China, close to Shanghai,  as destination because it represents an attractive market for cleantech SMEs.

Strategic Partners: who do we work with?

Prior to the outgoing mission to Nanjing, the EC2i partners worked towards securing strong partnerships with Chinese stakeholders. To this end, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with UMore.

The areas of collaboration between the two organizations are the following:

  • Gather market intelligence
  • Give a first feedback to European SMEs on the relevancy of their participation to the event
  • Mobilize potential buyers and other stakeholders to participate in matchmaking events

B2B Meetings: what can you expect?

The matchmaking event is organised in conjunction with the CleanConnect Conference and the Next-Gen Energy & Industry Innovation Summit in Nanjing on 15-16 November 2018.

The objective is to match European SMEs with Chinese partners to export European cleantech technology to the Chinese market. Special focus will be on:

  • VOCs Treatment (ultra-low emission)
  • Soil & Ground water Remediation (ecosystem restoration)
  • Waste to Value (waste collection, transportation and recycling, waste utilization)
  • Industrial Wastewater (wastewater treatment, zero discharge & circular solution)
  • Monitoring and Smart Solutions (smart hardware, data processing and artificial intelligence)
  • Particular focus on energy, power and mobility (knowledge exchange and innovation showcases)

The EC2i matchmaking mission is a great opportunity for European cleantech SMEs to take part in tailor-made B2B meetings with Chinese companies and networking events, as well as a visit to the CleanConnect Conference in Nanjing.

Please find an updated program (October, 2018) -> here <-

Registration process: what to do if you are interested?

B2B meetings are organized within EC2i cooperation with UMore. To see if your company could be eligible for the Chinese mission and in order to give our partner as much time as possible to find the more relevant stakeholders for you, please contact us and fill in this form.